6. Time to Curl Down Your Eyelashes

Reiss-Anderson, a leading beauty expert says, “If you’re more than 35, you’ve got to curl your eyelashes regularly” And we could not understand why not! The eyelashes are flattened as we age. This will give an older looking illusion to our eyes. Therefore, you must start the habit of using curler for curling your eyelashes. Many people always carry checker with them but never use it simply because it takes some time. Break the chains now, and say yes to curlers if you want to look younger and beautiful.

7. Appropriate Usage of Shimmer

It is a myth that only young people must be using shimmer. In fact, many beauty experts believe that an appropriate usage of shimmer can turn the clock backward for you. It is a trick of makeup that makes you look younger. Apply it on your cheeks evenly. Don’t apply heavy layers of it. Just one thin layer is sufficient to make you look much younger than what you actually are. So, don’t shy away from the idea of using shimmer.

8. Apply Eyeliner Only to The Upper Eyelids

Eyeliner is one of the basic makeup ingredients. We ladies just can’t do without an eyeliner that’s been there with us for a long time. When you start aging, it’s always recommended by the beauty experts at using it only on the upper eyelids. By applying eyeliner on the lower eyelids, the shape of your eye looks narrow. That’s an illusion that’s created by applying it on the lower eyelid. As we age, as it is, our eyes appear narrowed down. We don’t want to add to it right? Hence use it on the upper eyelids only.

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