Hello, everyone! It’s time to know how to wear Converse sneakers. We are about to view cool and casual outfit ideas you can easily copy this year. Trust me, there are a million ways how to rock them in real life. Of course, there are ways how not to wear this footwear and great tips on how to make them look stunning on you.

Grey shoes look pretty chic with casual shorts, striped tee and washed blue denim jacket. Complete this look by adding gray leather backpack.

I do not recommend to combine neutral color trainers with ordinary outfits, it will make you look dull and very simple. I do suggest you go a little oomph and try brightly colored Chucks that will certainly add a pop of color to your ensemble. Just don’t go overboard with bright colors, otherwise, you gonna look like a clown. I personally wear bright and printed garments with a simple black or white Chucks. If you decided to wear bright trainers, then you better keep the rest of your outfit simple and low-key. Never, never wear Converse shoes with loose-fit and baggy jeans. It will make you look sloppy and cheap. I do recommend to try on skinny jeans or elastic bottoms. Chuck look awesome with boho inspired clothes. But, I don’t recommend to wear Chucks with flowy knee dresses or skirts, as well as with tights and high socks. Converse look great with casual mini dresses and skirts. Anyway, let’s have a more detailed look through these images below to find your favorite combo.