6. Set The Foundation

Well, you’ve applied the foundation and also added on the rest of your makeup to complete your look – now what? It’s not over yet. You can’t make all of these efforts and not protect your work, right? Make sure to set your foundation with a setting powder. This will keep the foundation in place and help it last longer. You can also top it all off with a makeup setting spray.

Some Quick Tips

  • As mentioned before, if you have oily skin, it’s probably best if you avoid using your fingers to apply the foundation.
  • Make sure to wash your brushes and beauty blenders on a regular basis. This will remove any residue of the old products and help the foundation to go on smoothly.
  • If you are using your fingers, wash them thoroughly before starting.
  • If you have oily skin, apply loose powder on your face before applying the foundation. Doing so actually helps to make the makeup last longer.
  • Exfoliate on a regular basis so that the skin is smooth and the foundation goes on easily.

The days that I follow these steps, my makeup looks perfect. Incorporate these into your makeup routine and I guarantee that it will make a lot of difference. Who knows, maybe you can turn into an Instagram makeup model that every makeup enthusiast looks up to!

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