iv) Fingers

Go natural! Use what was given to you! We all started there! In fact, I still use my fingers to apply bb cream and fix up certain parts. The ring finger is a great tool! It serves mighty well while applying the concealer. However, do not use your fingers if you have oily skin as the natural oils in your fingers can spread to the face.

How To Use Fingers To Apply Liquid Foundation?

This is probably the best option for someone who is experimenting with foundation for the first time. Use your index finger to dot the foundation in the required areas. In the large areas of the face, use all your fingers to spread the foundation. For places like under the eyes and around the nose, use your ring finger. This will make sure that the foundation doesn’t sink into the creases.

4. Blot The Excess Foundation Using A Tissue!

You don’t want a cake on your face, do you? Use a tissue to blot out any excess product. This prevents the product from creasing any further. Pay special attention to the areas around the nose and eyes. Wait for some time after applying the foundation so that it sets in place before moving on to other products.

5. Pop Of Color

Now is the time to add on the rest of the products. Blush, highlighter, bronzer – go crazy! (But not too crazy. You’re not going to perform at a circus).

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