Step 1: Prep Your Face

Start with a clean canvas. Wash your face using a gentle cleanser, use a toner, and moisturize well using a lightweight moisturizing lotion or cream. Give your moisturizer some time to absorb into your skin, then go in with your primer.

Step 2: Apply Your Foundation

Dampen your sponge either with water or spray some makeup setting spray over it. Next, take some foundation on the back of your hand. Pick a little bit of product up with the broader end of your beauty sponge, and start applying it from the center of your face, and blend it out really well. This is done most effectively by using a stippling or bouncing motion.

To blend it in smaller areas, like around your nose, or under your eyes, use the narrow end of the sponge with the same bouncing motion.

Step 3: Set Your Foundation

Use a translucent powder or your favorite setting powder and set your foundation with a brush. Now that your base is done, you can go about the rest of your makeup as usual. Do your eye makeup, add some blush, a bit of highlighter, and some lipstick to complete the look.

Here’s the look!