The cut crease eyeshadow technique has been one of the most popular makeup trends for a while now. It has taken over social media, so whether you love it or hate it, the cut crease is going down in makeup history as a legit look. This technique involves using a different colored eyeshadow to cut across the eyelid and create a sharp contrast in colors.

The cut is not blended, forming a clear crease on the eyelid. It is especially wonderful for anyone with deep-set, small, or hooded eyes because it makes them look bigger and brighter.

Creating a cut crease isn’t all that complicated, but it sure does take some practice. It also needs an understanding of eyeshadow placement, some killer blending skills, and the ability to sculpt a crease out of nothing but a flat shading brush and concealer. Do you think you have what it takes? Well, even if you’re new to the shadow game, you can still give it a shot. We’ve put together a simple tutorial to help you master the art of cut crease eyeshadow.

How To Create The Perfect Cut Crease

You’re in charge of the colors you choose to create this look. You can use neutral-toned colors to make your eyes look more open. Or, you can go for bold hues to create a more dramatic look.