Many people do not have enough space in their house and hence they need to design small bathrooms. Small bathrooms can pose a great challenge when it comes to decorating. Here are some decorating tips for small bathrooms that can help you to make the most of your space. You should plan out everything before you start renovating or redecorating your bathroom. You must use light coloured tiles on the floor as it would give the illusion of larger space. You can use light colours like white, beige and grey. Try to use light colours on the walls if not white go for some soft pastel shades. Go for small wall mounted sings without vanities. This helps to show more of your floor and makes a small bathroom appear larger. Hang glass Mirrors as mirror reflects peace and almost double the size of your bathroom. You must try to design cabinets on the wall itself. Even open Wall Shelves can be a great idea to decorate the bathroom without taking much space. You cannot accommodate about stuff you can use a clear glass door shower instead of it. You can hang some photos and news plants to decorate your bathroom. This way you can decorate your small bathroom beautifully. To get smaller bathroom decorating ideas please browse in the Internet.


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