That is a very beautiful location for which every girl with from a long time. Since it is an event was you need to impress someone you need to look the best and definitely gorgeous. But looking gorgeous does not mean applying to loud makeup and going for a date. It is said that simplicity looks at its best. So what you can do is to search in the Internet and get some idea about the different type of date Night makeup looks. Then you can incorporate your own style and creativity and try for a makeup that makes you look simple yet beautiful. Starting with the base makeup it is always advisable to apply some moisturizer in order to make your skin remains soft and the makeup also stays for a longer time. You can apply Foundation as well as blush if you feel it’s necessary. Going to the eye makeup it’s always preferable to apply a Matte Shades warm tone eyeshadow colour like beige brown. It is very necessary to accentuate your guys properly because we say that eyes only speak everything. It is advisable to use liquid eyeliner and you can create some wing it look if you prefer to. Apply mascara in order to highlight your eyes. Coming to the lip makeup always use a  lip liner to line your lips. Lipstick shades should be put up depending on your skin complexion and the type of makeup you are applying. If the makeup is all together very warm and soft you can apply a bright shade lipstick. If you are going for a smokey eye makeup look you can try for some nude shade lipstick as well.


Get inspired by the pictures given below.