Ahh, the finishing touches … Probably my favourite stage of each project I have worked on. Adding those all important decorative items that make any room look polished off and complete.

Creating the perfect ambient lighting in a bedroom is essential. Choose matching bedside lamps that take at least a 30W bulb so you can still read with them if necessary but their not too bright that they may as well be the main ceiling light.

On that point, your ceiling light can be quite minimal as you don’t want to detract attention from the main focal point of the bed and surrounding furniture. There’s argument to say that you’ll probably not use it that often either, or at least for minimal lengths of time.

Comforting decorative accessories such as headboards, cushions and throws really finish a bedroom off. Choose complementary colours that blend well together. Check out my post on how to inject more colour into your home for inspiration and ideas.

Candles and photo frames are fantastic bedside table accompaniments. If you’ve been able to have a dressing table within your main bedroom this is also a great place to add these key finishing touches. Lavender and Jasmine are calming scents every bedroom should have, so here are some of the best candles for creating a calming environment:

When it comes to picture frames, simplicity is key. Nothing too overwhelming, “elegance is the ultimate sophistication” and this should run clear into your bedroom.

Wall decorations above the bed really finish the room off in terms of accessorising. Whilst some may opt for hanging a mirror here, I personally believe either paintings or a series of posters work much better. This is because a full length mirror on a different wall is far more practical and a rectangular one works beautifully in the living or dining room instead.

Have you seen the calming poster series by Desenio? Here are my top picks, for adding those final wall decorations on a budget:

Top Tip: Combine quotes / sentences with calming landscapes in complimentary colours to the rest of the room for the ultimate calming gallery wall.

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