Quality Linen

I don’t know about you but whenever I stay in a hotel I always love sleeping in a big, cosy and fluffy bed. Instantly I think about how I can create that beautiful fluffy feeling of the hotel bed at home.

Unsurprisingly, it boils down to the quality of bed linen used, number of pillows and comfort factor. We are very unlikely to spare on these things in our living rooms, so our bedroom should be no different! Speaking of, for the dog lovers out there is it time for a new pet bed?

Finding premium quality bed linen at high street prices can be a challenge. Every time I have settled for high street priced bed linen in the past, I have 9 times out of 10 been pretty disappointed by the third night. Hence, by finding premium quality bed linen such as the 750 thread count Luxury Supima Cotton Sateen collection from Marks and Spencer, the texture is incomparable to anything else.

Another great company that offers quality bed linen is Amara with their A by Amara Collection of Bed Linen.

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