Back to Basics & Style

There is a tendency to add more furniture to a bedroom than necessary. Take it back to basics and decide what you really need in there.

Do you really need a desk and chair that clutters up that one side or corner of the room? Try and find space elsewhere to house this or decide if you truly need it.

Overcrowding the bedroom is not only stressful when you go to bed of an evening but difficult to move around in too. A bed, bedside tables and a wardrobe are the bare basics in terms of furniture, get it from here.

Sometimes (particularly in modern new builds) adequate wardrobe space can be tricky to find. So if you’re fortunate to have the additional space, I would highly recommend using another room as a dressing room. Not only to give you more storage space for clothes etc but also to create more space in the main bedroom.

When it comes to the overall style of your bedroom, it’s best to do some research into good bedroom colour palettes and go from there. You may favour the Scandi-stylesecondhand or vintage over something that looks hotel-like. Choose a style that is personal, unique and stylish. There’s no right or wrong answer so long as you are consistent with your chosen style throughout the room. Feature bedroom stools / chairs or bed frame can look fantastic. It’s better not to over do it with statement pieces in the bedroom as it can often look messy and not well thought through. If you need to up-cycle or renovate, sanding is really important in this process and shouldn’t be overlooked.

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