As an Interior Designer I absolutely LOVE symmetry. Not only in bedrooms to calm the mind at nighttime but throughout the house. Anything that’s slightly off centre or not aligned to something drives me mad!

Symmetry in the bedroom is very important. It’s about creating that equal space around the bed, having the same bedside tables and lamps and framing this with a painting or series of posters above.

Surrounding the bed, you need on all three sides the same so it’s accessible in the same way no matter which side you sleep on. Not only for practical reasons, this is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

Depending on what you like to do before nodding off to sleep and first thing in the morning will influence the style of bedside tables you have. Typically you need storage. For books, knickknacks – that sort of thing that you’d not necessarily want to be on public display. I have found that having a small drawer at the top can be extremely useful as well.

Always keep the top surface of the bedside table as clear as possible. This can be tricky – I would know as I always seem to accumulate a pile of books! – but if you’ve got enough storage below you should be able to keep it as minimal as possible. The combination of a feature lamp, picture frame and a candle is the perfect example of keeping it clear from clutter. As seen on the Martha Stewart site.

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