Eyeliner is one of the best type of eye makeup that helps to enhance your eyes   and make it look more beautiful. By applying eyeliner you can accentuate your eyes in a beautiful way. So here are some different steps of how to apply an eyeliner in the proper way. The very first thing which you need to do is to select the right eyeliner colour for your eyes and eyeshadow. Black is always fever choice but the ones who do not like it can try for some ground as it neutralizes effect and creates a warm look with different eyeshadow colours. Next you should consider the look you are wanting for. Pencil eyeliner would provide a more soft look by liquid lines in present or more precise and defined look. You should hold the eyeliners like a pen has it gives you more precise control over the line that you are drawing. Then you need to tilt the head back slightly as it would give you a better angle for application. then you need to start applying the eyeliner on the inside of your eye drawing out from your nose to the edge of your eye. If you are using a liquid eyeliner make sure to apply it in one smooth stroke and allow it to dry completely. This way you can apply eyeliner in a proper way.


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