Picking a Fancy Hairstyle That Works for You

When reviewing a fancy hairstyle, it is worth noting  that you’ll take into account your individual hair’s texture. If you have coarse hair and are looking at a sleek and smooth style, it will be more difficult for you to achieve. Keep an eye out for hairstyles that are recommended not only for your hair type and texture but for your face shape as well!

Another thing to keep in mind is your styling ability and the tools you have. If you’re trying to achieve a style that requires a fishtail braid when you’re unable to do one, you may want to watch some tutorials or ask a friend for help. Don’t be afraid to ask your girlfriends, roommate, sister, or even boyfriend or husband (if they are willing, of course) for help.

What We Reviewed

  • French twist
  • Twisted half updo
  • Double dutch
  • Low bun
  • Retro ponytail
  • Tousled-up hairstyle
  • High bun
  • Flower braid
  • Hollywood waves

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