How We Reviewed the 10 Fancy Hairstyles for Special Occasions

Below we have compiled a list of the top ten fancy hairstyles perfect for special occasions. Our list has been extensively researched through a variety of media as we have striven to bring you the best of the best so you don’t have to go searching. We’ve based our selection on a number of criteria, including how easy the hairstyle is to achieve, how manageable the hairstyle is, how much touch-up can be expected from the style, and how versatile the hairstyle is.

When we took a look at each hairstyle, we wanted to ensure that it wasn’t something that would take hours to recreate. We wanted to ensure that all hairstyles were achievable for the average person and that it was not going to require tools or products that are uncommon. It’s also imperative that the hairstyle is manageable, because there’s nothing more annoying than a restricting style.

Last but not least, we take primping seriously. Your time to primp at a fancy, social event is often limited. We know you need that time to check in between your teeth, fix your lipstick, and check your phone. That’s why we wanted to ensure all the styles on this list didn’t require frequent touch-ups.

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