Nail art as a beautiful technique to embellish and decorate your nails in an artistic way. Doing beautiful designs on your nails not only makes it look attractive but also gives your hand and overall stylish look. You can try for beautiful nail art designs and see it from the Internet and matching them according to your outfits. Many beginners often get confused how to do this and from where to begin. Here are some simple tips for the beginners so that they can accomplish this form of art very easily. Very first thing which the beginners need to do is to get some information from the Internet and go through the different nail art designs. Before starting anything new one should know what is it all about and what are the simplest designs available in the Internet. Then they came by a nail art kits that has almost all the necessary items required to do nail art. The nail art kit usually consists of different coloured nail polish beads stones geometric patterns stickers and different are the things required to do it. It is advisable that the beginners should watch the tutorial videos as it would help them to learn the designs step wise. You can try with some simple designs like two or three different shades of nail polish. Use of some glitters stones . You can create a beautiful flower design after applying a base coat on your nails. You can create some beautiful Polka Dot designs awesome beautiful stripes that matches with your outfit. After you accomplish to learn the easy ones then you can try for something difficult and some Complex designs.


Get inspired by the pictures given below.