5. A Topknot

For those who have long loose curls and want to keep your curls from falling overnight, try using a lightweight mousse and a topknot! Run the mousse through your curls first. Then grab all your hair and pull it towards the center and top of your head. Wrap your hair into a topknot (bun). Secure it with a hair tie and pins. In the morning, take your hair down and break up the curls and waves with your fingers. *Tip: If you want to have tighter waves and voluminous hair, create multiple buns. Put a soft silk scarf or sleeping cap over the buns to keep them from falling overnight.

6. Flexi Rods

Flexi rods…. A woman’s best friend! These rods are a set of soft rollers that are very malleable and easy to use. They’re barely noticeable and extremely comfortable to wear while you sleep. Start by dividing and wrapping strands of your hair around each soft rod. Make sure to bend the roller into a U-shape. Continue to do this to each and every strand or section of your hair. This process is sure to protect your curls overnight. When you take them out in the morning, tug on each curl’s end. This elongates the curl in case the curl is too tight and stuck in the U-shape. Separate and style your curls however you want.

7. Hair Rollers

Just like the previous tip, this involves you wrapping your hair into a roller. However, this is definitely an old school method. These are not soft and bendy like the Flexi rods. These are plastic and straightforward. Nonetheless, rollers are great for keeping your curls intact overnight. You take a roller, any size of your preference, and start to wrap a strand of curl around the hair roller. Roll up until you reach your scalp and secure within the hair roller. For extra protection use a bobby pin. Make sure the hair roller isn’t rolled and secured too tightly as it can be uncomfortable when you sleep.

8. Silk Scarf

A simple tip to keep your curls intact overnight is to leave your curly hair damp when you twist your hair into place. You will then wrap your hair in a silk scarf, and in the morning you will have beautiful waves and curls. *Tip: There are multiple ways to tie your hair in a silk scarf so if one way doesn’t suit you, try another. As long as you keep your hair twisted, you’ll be successful.