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One of the busiest areas in the house is the kitchen which is prone to cluttering. For a family on the go, cluttering can lead to accidents while cooking and cleaning. Hence organizing your kitchen to help alleviate clutter should on the top of your list to do list. Place frequently used kitchen items near the place where you need it the most. In this way, kitchen items will be accessible to you. Such accessibility will help you to become more efficient in your kitchen task. An example of this is to place all your pans and kitchen utensils near the stove. Another is to place your plates and glasses near the washing area. Identify the appliances that you frequently use and those that you rarely use in your kitchen tasks. Place those appliances that you frequently use on your counter-top and make it visible. Meanwhile, those that you rarely use can be kept inside your storage or keep them away in the busiest area of your kitchen. Organize the kitchen cabinets and cupboards by placing kitchen items according to groups. This will help you to find them easily especially when you need them. To give you an idea on how to do this, let me give you some examples. Place all your baking materials in a specific storage. Place the Canned goods in a specific storage so that you can easily find what you want to eat for your meals. Plates And glasses should have to be organized and placed where you can see them right away. Since they break easily store them in areas that are easily accessible, like a cupboard. Do not place them in the storage where the level is too high for you to see them.


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